CaSEM offers a number of packs that allow you to start tackling specific strategic issues in your company. Every pack consists of a number of meeting sessions with your management and a collection of data. The packs are concluded with a comprehensive report having a summary and a number of recommendations.


Cost and time allocation is defined upfront.

Allows to define in a comprehensive way your strategic priorities.

The report provides a recommendation for the next steps.

Uses a number of tools that can be used for follow up.

List of packs:

Workshop package strategic positioning

In a number of workshops with your management, a complete methodology and action plan is workded out for the strategic positioning of your company.
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Pack initiation strategic trajectory

In this session a framework is provided that allows you to define the different milestones of a strategic trajectory.
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Pack definition of company objectives

This session allows to define a focused view on where the company should go for.
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Pack drafting product specifications

In this session we will explain some of the tools and methodologies to be used when translating customer requirements into product specifications.
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Pack evaluation product portfolio

In this package we will define the most important parameters that allow you to take rational decisions on priorities for product development.
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