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About us

CaSEM assists companies to bring focus into their organisation.

CaSEM is specialised in corporate positioning, product portfolio management and strategy.

In case of special assignments, CaSEM works with other professional interim managers for both national and international missions.

CaSEM is also member of a number of advisory boards of companies.

Vision, mission and values


Sustainable progress is obtained by leveraging expertise, ambition, ethics, creativity and innovation with an open mind.


CaSEM supports companies worldwide in reaching their objectives by coaching them on the definition and implementation of their strategic positioning.



At CaSEM we are bound emotionally and intellectually to perform our assignments.


At CaSEM we perform our duties according to expectations.


At CaSEM we adhere to moral and ethical principles.


At CaSEM we communicate in a clear and comprehensive way.


At CaSEM there are no hidden agendas.


Geert Callens

Geert Callens has a broad international experience in different management disciplines. He has a master degree of science in applied engineering and followed many trainings on management and personal skills.

Geert Callens started his professional career in research and development at company Barco. During his career he had several management positions in product development, marketing, strategic business development and acquisitions. After his career at Barco he joined a smaller company active in the metal industry where he had similar responsibilities.

Geert Callens is specialised in strategic planning, product portfolio management and B2B marketing. Thanks to his expertise and experience, both in a multinational and in a smaller company he is capable to implement management principles in a pragmatic way according to the specific needs of a company.

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Other consultants

CaSEM works with other consultants for specific assignments. This guarantees that the right skills are engaged for specific challenges.

Next to this, CaSEM works with companies that take care of other activities such as marketing campaigns, web site design, industial design, event planning,. This allows CaSEM to offer an all inclusive and consistent solution to customers.


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